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Easy-to-use operating system based on the popular web browser

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It's not Windows, and it's not a mac. However, you won't be too concerned after finding out that it is in fact the cloud-centered Google Chromium. Google Chromium is the new completely cloud-based OS that stores all your traditional information online. This online dynamic and design makes it lightweight, fast, and allows the system to dedicate more processing to tasks rather than files that it has gathered on a hard drive or a disk.

After a painstaking and tough research period, Google Chromium has finally made its appearance on stage at a few San Francisco presentations. The Chromium OS is currently only available as source code, but this does not limit its functionalities or purpose. Simply downloading the source code in combination with an appropriate virtual machine solution, such as either VMware or VirtualBox, will allow you the features and functionality of the OS. The Linux-based software primarily focuses its tasks on web-based operations. All the apps are online, all the software you'll utilize is online, and the storage is online. This takes off an extreme load off of your computer or system as it no longer needs to dedicate as much CPU to running executables that can now be run online elsewhere. The new, cheap Chrome books and similar netbooks take advantage of this low processing power requirement to become viable.

It's both intuitive and unintuitive. You'll open up your system to find your base of operations at Google and Gmail. You'll then spend most of the time using the programs online. This is hardly different from what most users may already be doing. Most people already spend most of their time on the Internet for entertainment and they already use Google as a gateway to the many unexplored areas of the web. However, though this is intuitive, it might seem slightly alienating and strange to have an OS completely devoid of regular desktop icons and programs running idly in the background. Though this concept itself is revolutionary and comes as a definite step towards extremely fast and mobile computers, it is also only still in its preliminary stages and its interface may be jarring to some users.


  • You need less space for your programs and files.
  • The majority of processing power is no longer directed to running programs - other than the internet - on the computer.
  • Makes the age of compact and mobile computers possible as less hardware is necessary for storage.
  • Cheap, lightweight, and easy to use.


  • This new interface may be distracting or foreign to some users.
  • Having a company have complete control over one's applications and processes takes away power from the individual user.
  • If one of Google's cloud servers fails, your data and machine may become temporarily useless.
  • It is only in its preliminary stages. Its utility is not assured at this present stage.

Love it or hate it, the new Google Chromium OS spells change and efficiency for its users in the future.

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